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Delivering Successful Online Medical Conferences, Courses and Events


Medical Associations and Societies have had to endure major uncertainty and upheaval during the Coronavirus pandemic, as the ability to deliver face to face events of any kind became impossible.  Some societies and associations have already moved their events online with varying levels of success, and some are only just considering their options.   This short webinar helps you understand what is possible and uses case studies to explore the factors that need to be considered to make your online events not only successful now but after the Coronavirus pandemic has come to an end.  The webinar looks at running online events from the perspective of the participant and how that may change your assumptions regarding what is possible.  The number of attendees is limited, to ensure high levels of participant interaction which is encouraged.

Who Should Attend

If you are responsible for managing or delivering medical events, courses, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, or annual scientific meetings, then this tailor-made webinar was created for you.


On attending the workshop, we will help you to understand:

  • What options are available for running your events, either totally online or as hybrid events
  • How to make your events, engaging and most importantly memorable
  • What are the typical challenges when moving events online and how to overcome them
  • What are the technical issues and how to overcome them
  • The importance of integrating your events with you Online Members Area and CRM
  • The key issues by exploring case studies and real-life examples
  • What to do next if you decide to move your events online


Duration 1 1/2 hours

Start time 10:00AM

Delivered via Zoom on the LightMedia website

Number of participants limited to a maximum of 12


September 15th 2021, December 15th 2021

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